Art in Heaven Winner

During the last academic year, St Mark’s CofE (A) Primary School Shelton entered the 2018 Art in Heaven competition, which was led by NATRE. They gave a range of options for schools to explore when entering the competition and each year group created a piece of artwork to submit. This was led by Mr Jarvis (R.E. Leader) and Miss Healey (Art Leader) and children were asked to explain their thinking behind their piece of artwork.

We are proud to announce that our Year 5 pupils (current Year 6) won the national competition for their entry which they entitled ‘The Golden Rule’.

We decided to look at the theme of ‘peace’ through Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Our artwork represented peace within the religions but also between them as well, using symbols and words we felt explored the theme. We decided to represent our learning by creating a large, diamond-shaped flag made from individual triangular pieces (to represent the three religions). All children had an opportunity to sew or cross-stitch a design, such as the words Shalom and As-Salaam as well as symbols such as the Torah, a dove and the crescent moon.