CECET & Wolverhampton University

The University of Wolverhampton is delighted to be working with CECET as a strategic partner to support the wider educational needs of staff and pupils in schools and academies within the Diocese.

This is an extremely exciting opportunity to work together to develop a range of accredited CPD opportunities which will enhance and develop both teacher¹s skills and experiences and also a career pathway to plan their future development.

The partnership is preparing a range CPD opportunities, both in house and external, which will meet the needs of all teachers from NQT to Senior Leadership. The programme will aim to offer a range of aspects and experiences in schools, enhanced with external CPD provision from the University of Wolverhampton and other external providers.

This programme will be mapped to ensure appropriate opportunities are available to staff which meet their specific needs at their particular point on the career pathway. We look forward to working with the dioceses, governors and Headteachers in developing an outstanding CPD programme.

We will also work with other CECET staff to ensure that a climate of continuous improvement pervades throughout our schools. The considerable experience of the University and the teams within the Institute of Education and our academy support unit, Education Central, will enhance other resources which CECET will utilise. Individual subject support can be provided as well as whole school improvement programmes and strategies.

The University’s expertise and track record in teacher training should also be of assistance, both in terms of the recruitment requirements of CECET schools and the future coordination of Schools Direct programmes.