Christingle at St Leonard’s

Bishop Michael, in conjunction with Reverend Debra, led the Christingle service for pupils at Leonard’s church.

He then came back to visit the school to hear the choir sing; have a tour of the school with the worship committee and then finally ended his visit having tea and cake with a group of children.

Laila from the worship committee said ‘that it was a real honour having tea with the Bishop and getting to show him around

our lovely school’ she was also rather pleased that he loved her home baked lemon drizzle cake.

Rosy and Kayden aged 7 and 8 had discussion with the Bishop about the work they have been doing in RE thinking about what they thought Jesus would think about the modern day Christmas.

They both thought that Jesus might be a bit sad because sometimes people forget the true meaning of Christmas and get overloaded buying too many presents but they also thought that Jesus would feel happy because of all of the love and kindness that Christmas brings.


Christingle is always a lovely celebration that our children take part in but this year will be one to remember forever!