Share the Miracle

This Easter we’d like to invite the schools to engage in ShareTheMiracle and help ‘put a dent in loneliness’ locally. The inter-generational concept, originally trialed in Westminster and endorsed by the Lord Mayor was run by a growing number of Anglican schools last year.

Specifically we ask schools to run a ‘ShareTheMiracle Station’ (a simple collection point for Easter Eggs)

  1. Invite school children, parents, teachers, governors or anyone else associated with the school to donate an Easter egg
    • Whilst individuals may choose to donate any egg, some may like to use the Meaningful Chocolate Eggs that are fair trade and include details of the Easter Story
  2. Give them to the elderly locally in an inter-generational expression of kindness.
    • Some schools choose to go further and take the school choir to sing, arrange a tea party or encourage an exchange of story telling about the local area for example.
  3. Share what happened on social media (#ShareTheMiracle) to help encourage and inspire others.

*Further information is available at

Once your ShareTheMiracle Station is registered online, you receive a free resource pack via email that includes posters that can be printed, emailed and put on your social media sites to tell everyone that your Station is open and ready to receive their chocolate eggs.

The ShareTheMiracle vision is to see a wave of kindness transform local communities far and wide at Easter. It provides a simple way to start a conversation, meet people you may not ordinarily and reach out to those less fortunate locally.

The giving of an egg has proven to be a catalyst to ‘little miracles’. The egg that starts a conversation, an elderly person to feel less lonely when a school reaches out. The possibilities are endless. Each egg has the opportunity to change a situation and each act of kindness helps strengthen your community, form friendships and release hope.