What is SIAMS?

SIAMS is the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools. This is also known as a Section 48 inspection. The new SIAMS judgments are: Excellent, Good, Requires Improvement or Ineffective.

The new SIAMS schedule came into effect from Autumn 2018

If you are part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) your Christian Distinctiveness Adviser (CDA) will guide you through the SIAMS process and the completion of your SIAMS SEF or SEAT. Please contact the diocese for more information about this.

Further information from the Church of England

For SIAMS and other information about Church schools please click here

Diocesan SIAMS protocol & SIAMS Handbook

LDBE SIAMS Protocol September 2019

SIAMS Handbook September 2019

Diocesan SIAMS inspectors

SIAMS Inspectors in Lichfield 2019-20

The New SIAMS Schedule

SIAMS Evaluation Schedule 2018 NEW

School Self-Evaluation (SEF)

The SIAMS Handbook says,

“Effective leadership will mean that schools have their own process in place for recording church school self-evaluation. These will have been developed for the benefit of the school not for the inspection. Strong leaders will want to share this with inspectors. Effective self-evaluation will be focused on impact and will not be overly descriptive. A short summary of the school’s self-evaluation of approximately two pages is encouraged for SIAMS inspection purposes. Schools should recognise that there is no expectation that an inspector will analyse an excessively lengthy SEF in preparing a pre inspection plan (PIP). Self-evaluation may be submitted by the school in any format the school chooses.” (SIAMS HANDBOOK 8:53)

A suggested SIAMS SEF; ongoing school self evaluation tool (SEAT); SIAMS summary for the inspector and SIAMS case for excellence are below. SEF’s are not compulsory and schools may wish to devise their own means of self evaluation.


SIAMS summary for inspectors

SIAMS case for excellence

Embedding your Vision and Values across the School – What if learning….

Please refer to ‘What if learning…..’ Please click here to be taken to their website. ‘What if learning…’ will demonstrate how you can embed your Christian values (and vision) throughout the curriculum. It provides a Christian based pedagogical approach to teaching and learning.

The Church of England wrote an intervention document in 2015 on What if learning: Character Development click here for the document.

Monitoring and Evaluating Christian Distinctiveness (CD)

Your CDA will have various tools that will help schools to evaluate themselves against the new SIAMS schedule. If you are in the SLA please speak to your CDA about these. They include:

  • Monitoring and Evaluating Christian Distinctiveness or school leaders
  • Pupil voice
  • Writing a vision, motto, values and mission statements
  • Various RAG tools for the seven SIAMS strands

Resources and links that could help to deliver the Strands

Strand 2: Wisdom, Knowledge & Skills

CofE’s Spiritual Development Guidance

Strand 3: Character Education Hope, Aspiration & Courageous Advocacy

Ofsted non-statutory guidance on Character Education

Share a Pencil

Christian Aid Global Neighbours

Christian Aid Global Neighbours Handbook

LDBE Diocesan Mission

What if learning….

Strand 4: Community & Living Well Together

Mental Health & Well-being Guidance

Mental Health & Well-being Policy

Strand 5: Dignity & Respect

Valuing All God’s Children

CofE’s RSE Charter & Guidance for Relationship & Sex Education

Strand 7: Religious Education

There is a greater emphasis on religious literacy and having rigorous systems of assessment. The RE Statement of Entitlement makes clear the expectations for the teaching of RE in its church schools and academies.

RE Statement of Entitlement

Website: Is it SIAMS ready?

Website Guidance

Archive SIAMS Documents