As we move to step 4 of the government’s roadmap, the team have considered how we can best reduce risks related to COVID-19. I write to outline some considerations you may wish to make when deciding to meet with your allocated CDA.

As social distancing measures have now ended in the workplace, LDBE officers will no longer be instructed to work from home. However, as the HSE guidance identifies, you can help reduce transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your premises by:

  • limiting visitor times to a specific time window and restricting access to required visitors only

Your designated CDA will contact you to discuss how you would like to plan your visits. Each CDA will ensure that the programmed visits across the Autumn Term are balanced across the week. The CDA Team can visit six or more schools in a week. Therefore, I would like you to consider whether you wish for a remote or virtual visit to your school.

Asymptomatic testing

Each CDA will undertake twice weekly home tests until the end of September, when this will be reviewed in line with the schools COVID-19 operational guidance. Any positive testing will follow the PCR guidance, and all schools with planned visits will receive communication to request a change of visit date.

Physical or remote visits beyond the Autumn Term.

As well as reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19, I would welcome you to consider the wider benefits of a blended approach to working with your CDA. Clearly there are both time and environmental benefits that can be achieved when working remotely. The travel time that is saved this year, will be used by each CDA to offer further training, and develop additional resources that can be used in school.

There will, of course, be a need for physical visits to resume. The entire team have missed not being with you in school and are very much looking forward to meeting you all again.