First National Assembly

Archbishop of Canterbury to lead first assembly at National Online Academy

The first national assembly is being held on 30/04/2020 at 10 am and will feature input from Matt Hood, Headteacher of Oak National Academy, Gavin Williamson, and then the main speaker – the Archbishop of Canterbury, speaking on the theme of ‘Hope’. Students from Sneinton Church of England Primary School in Nottingham and St Mary Redcliffe & Temple School in Bristol are leading elements of the assembly too.

The assembly is being streamed live at 10.00am on the TES website  – so please log on and join us for 10 inspirational minutes and to be part of the country’s largest ever assembly! Please share with your teams and students and encourage as many people as possible to join for this!

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This will then lead to a weekly programme of content that we are developing for primary and secondary schools called Faith at Home, which will be weekly 10-12 minute packages of video content to support collective worship, coming out every Thursday from 7th May