This creative scheme of work helps to bring together the Church’s vision for education and the new SIAMS framework whilst providing challenging and engaging opportunities for pupils.

Within the new SIAMS framework, which came into effect from the Autumn Term 2018, the strand, “Character development: hope, aspiration and courageous advocacy,” assesses:

  • How well does the school community connect their charitable activities to their vision and associated values? Do leaders provide opportunities for all pupils to engage in social action and understand how they can challenge injustice?

This scheme of work will go a long way in helping to tackle this aspect of the SIAMS framework as we work together to encourage our young people to aspire to be the best that they can be, living as global citizens and addressing the needs of others.

Click below for the scheme of work

Mission – scheme of work KS 2 and 3 (word format)

Mission – scheme of work KS 2 and 3 (pdf format)