Supporting Spiritual Development Across the Curriculum

Spiritual Development in Church of England schools:

2019 Spiritual Development – Interpretations of spiritual developments in the classroom 

The conviction at the heart of the Church of England Vision for Education is that children who are part of a school community formed around our vision will discover an education that embraces excellence and academic rigour within the wider framework of spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and social development and enables them to flourish.

An important question in our denominational inspection schedule is therefore:

How well does the school support all pupils in their spiritual development enabling, all pupils to flourish?

Schools approach spiritual development in many ways and we want to encourage that variety and diversity. This document is offered to stimulate further thinking, not to try and arrive at a
single view or definition.

Our hope is that the ideas developed and outlined in this document will stimulate schools in their thinking about spiritual development, encourage diocesan advisers as they support schools and enable SIAMS inspectors to understand and appreciate a range of different ideas and approaches. All of that work is for the purpose of enabling children to truly
flourish spiritually, as well as in every other aspect of their being.

Nigel Genders
Chief Education Officer

Supporting Spiritual Development Across School Life

Key questions for the schools are:

  • How does the school’s Christian vision provide opportunities to meet the spiritual needs of learners?
  • How does an awareness of spirituality permeate the whole of the school curriculum and extra curriculum activities?
  • What is the impact of this for the learner (and staff and the wider community)?
  • How are staff inducted and supported so that they have a shared understanding of spirituality and spiritual development?
  • What examples of spiritual development do you see around the school?
  • How do governors monitor the spiritual development of the school? What is the impact of this monitoring?

Spirituality grids:

Salisbury Diocese has some excellent resources to help you think about the variety of opportunities you provide for children. In particular, the ‘Spirituality Ricketts Progress Grids’ are great auditing and planning tools.

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