The Diocese of Lichfield Education Trust is a company limited by guarantee and a charity registered with the Charities Commission. The purposes of the company is to be the Diocesan Corporate Member of each Church of England Academy in the Diocese. DLET will  use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that statutory inspections take place as required by the Education Act. DLET will also support improvement and transformation of standards and will require accountability of the members of each Church of England Academy in respect both of ethos and standards.

DLET is the appointing body for foundation members of local governing bodies in Church of England Academies and approves the appointment of Trustees to Academy Trusts of which it is a corporate member.

The DDE and the Chair of the DBE Committee are ex-officio Members of the Company with a further 3 members appointed from the Committee.

A representative of the Lichfield DBE will act on behalf of DLET at Members meetings.

Scheduled Upcoming Meetings of the DLET Board

7 February 2024

14 May 2024

14 October 2024